This page explains the most asked question that are being explain and answer frequently to enquiries that made to us. 

KL escort freelance girls market and gain revenue from independent working call girls that wish to advertise their individual specialties of services.

We showcase profile pictures that are provided by the specific escort girl that wishes her biodata to be handle by our marketing team. Verification are made before any advertisement posted.

Yes and NO. Independent and freelance escort girls do not operate like any other agency that exist in Kuala Lumpur. Every details or permitted wishes are all depend on the particular escort girl. Answer for any queries will be handle by the company for initial interest of booking. After which will be totally the decision of the escort girl to give consent for direct contact.

Rest assure that any cancellation or even for medical reasons; the company as in will be responsible for all monetary refund of the said client involve.   

Extra services that are stated under which is the ability and individuality of the profile display. It is advertise as an information guide for customers. However, all rights are still at the hands of that particular chosen freelance call girl whether if she give consent to that request.

Consent here means freedom of choice which is not included in the booking agreement. Due to some obvious reasons which is the most common issues of hygienic issues involving a client. There are also many other reasons involve. 

As in FAQ at the front page clearly stated that do not operate like any other KL escort agencies, services too are in various type. Some client just need a companionship, a dance partner or even just a dinner date. Call the person in charge for further enquiries. Having said that, sex service are what mostly motivates the girls.

The extra services

Extra services mention below are the individuality of each girls alone. It is neither an agreed contract nor a rejected request. All rights and consent are still within the escort girl herself unless it is an confirm deal.

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