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The gallery display here are KL All Freelance Girls Escorts profile. If your are bore with escorts girl from agencies, freelancegirls.net is the right place that you will find totally standalone call girls in KL.


KL Freelance Local Escort


KL Freelance Local Escort-Tammy… Telling Us her story : The reason i decided to join freelance girls is due to my personal ambition to earn more, rather that the agency had some percentage of my earnings. Don’t get me wrong, I left there with great terms. The boss is exceptionally cared for us. I had a great time there. Actually, there is a place in my heart that missed them.​

KL Call Girl Escort

Xiao Ling

KL Call Girl Escort Xiao Ling was once a KL Escort Top Call Girl t but i find the city escort life is too hectic and actually quite popular; it’s just that the schedule is to hectic so she decided to come to a slower pace environment and became a freelance escort girl.

Subang freelance call girl


Subang Freelance Escort Girl-Sheryl; I was in KL Cover Girl for about a year and the half; that was a great company but turnover of the models are too great. And also the competitions there are too great. So, at last i decided to join Freelance Escort Call Girl.

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Freelance Escort Model In KL | PJ – Mabel had been a senior to most of the sisters here. She is one of the co-founder of Freelancegirls.net. She had taught them how to be attentive to clients and always watch out for their own safety as no agency is protecting them now.

freelance call girl escort


Freelance Call Girl Escort – Naomi had been a very popular girl in this industry. Her popularity it seems had overwhelmed her and she decided to join a lower profile group as freelancegirls.net. I think she is happy here.

freelance call girl


Freelance girl escort – Karen; I have no previous employment with an Escort Agency. I came to KL from Ipoh to study and after that, through a friend, i was introduced to Monica; she is the manager of KL Escort Freelance Girls. I find the job quite interesting and it pays well too. So, i think i will be sticking around for some time.

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Violet loves to be CUM Inside Me, as a freelance sex girl she is addicted to the warm milky CUM that men has and she loves it.

kl Independent teen escort KL


KL teen independent call girl escort serves you with a tongue like a slithering snake that licks and turns round on the most sensitive part.

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Suki believes working as a freelance escort is the best job she ever had. She had her own free time whenever she wanted.

freelance sex call girl


Freelance Sex Call Girl- Campbell thinks this is the fastest way to save up for her golden days. She wants to earn as much as she can.

kl sentral freelance

Sha SHa

KL Sentral Freelance Call Girl-Sha Sha; As a freelance escort call girl; i know i’m running under a hot pan; because there is no stability at all.

Freelance Escort Girl


Freelance Escort Girl – Candice : Had joined us for about 2 years now, she is exceptionally obedient as a young girl, youthful and sunshine. If you are looking for an escort which could light up your day. Patricia will be the one.

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